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PLEASE NOTE: WE MEET AT FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH AT 255 WOOLWICH STREET (near Hakim Optical). Meetings are still 7 to 9 pm and the format has not changed, just our location.

This new location is FULLY ACCESSIBLE.

  •  It’s important to realize that most people are nervous or unsure about coming to a new support group for the very first time. We understand how difficult this can be. You’ve been there trying to make the decision whether or not to come. That’s why we try to make our meetings as open, friendly and as welcoming as possible. Confidentiality is also important to us – what you see and hear in a meeting stays there. So, you never know if a support group is going to be right for you until you try it. Please take that chance to check us out. You are the one who stands to benefit.
  • In the first half of the meeting we go around the group and members can relate how they feel and have been coping the past week. There is no obligation for you to participate or share more than you are comfortable with. In the second half we discuss topics that we pick that are relevant to mood disorders or mental health wellness in general.
  • Sometimes, we have special nights like “Art Night”, a picnic in the summer, games night, a guest speaker, or might even use some of the resources in the library for a movie night.


Here are some of the questions that we get asked most often (FAQ’s):

  • Are you close to a bus route and accessible?

Our meeting place at 255 Woolwich Street (First Baptist Church) is close to Downtown Guelph, near Hakim Optical and is fully accessible​.  If ​you are coming into Downtown Guelph by public transit (http://guelphtransit.ca), there is a bus stop near London Road and Woolwich Streets for Bus routes 2.  For other bus routes, there are bus stops in and around St George’s Square.

  • Does it cost anything?

No, there is no cost involved for you to attend a meeting. Most of our funding comes from the United Way of Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin (see logo and link below).  You can simply show up at a meeting when you are ready for a peer support group

  • Do I have to talk?

No, you do not have to speak at a meeting if you are not comfortable doing so. It’s OK to just sit and listen

  • Do I have to make a commitment?

No registration or membership is required.  All those affected by a mood disorder and/or support persons are welcomed at our weekly meetings.   Just show up.

You are a member when you say you are a member and you are welcome to keep coming as long as you find it helpful. We suggest that newcomers try coming to a few meetings before they decide if this support group is right for them.  It’s OK if you can’t make it all the time too! We understand that people live busy lives so if you miss a week- that’s OK

  • Other questions or concerns?

Call us at: 519-766-4477.  This phone is not answered directly.  You will be asked to leave a voice message to receive a callback.  You can email us at info@mdsgg.ca or check out our home page and web site

The Mood Disorders Support Group of Guelph receives ongoing funding from:

 United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin


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