Guest Speakers

A Complete List of Guest Speakers That We Have Had at our Weekly MDSGG Peer Support Meetings:

  • Ami Gismondi: Yoga Instructor — Lessons on Breathing
  • Andi Jakolew: Osteotherapy –  an Alternative Drugless Therapy
  • Angela Heeley: CMHA Waterloo-Wellington-Dufferin – Mindfulness
  • Angela Picot: Guelph Community Health Centre – The SEED and other nutrition programs offered by CHC
  • Abby Deshman/Jacqueline Tasca: Canadian Civil Liberties Association – Police Checks
  • Bart Campbell: Mood Disorders Association of Ontario — Budgeting and Introduction to WRAP/Motivational Speaker
  • Christine Oldfield: Guelph-Wellington Volunteer Centre – The Benefits of Volunteering
  • Dany Bai: Mood Disorders Association of Ontario — Conflict Resolution
  • Debb Bodkin — Former First Responder — Her story of how her shell cracked and her recovery
  • Denise Hasen: Northern Lights Canada – The Registered Disability Savings Plan
  • Dr Brenda Kenyon: Wellington District Catholic School Board – Mental Health Lead for the Board
  • Dr Barbara Ross – Psychiatrist, alternative treatment methods
  • Dr Lynn Woodford: Upper Grand District Public Board of Education – Mental Health Lead for the Board
  • Elaine Wier, Public Health Nurse: Public Health Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph – Bridges Out of Poverty
  • Ella Henderson: Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership
  • Erin Watson: Family Counselling and Support Services – Mood Management Group
  • Gary Diggins: Psychotherapist, Musician
  • Heather MacRae, Naturopathic Doctor; Natural medicines as supplements to prescription medicine
  • Jacqueline Guigue-Glaspell – Family Counselling and Support Services: Lead for the Walk in Counselling Service
  • Jay Lefler — Co-founder, Spark of Brilliance
  • Jenna Mackenzie — Addictions and Mental Health
  • Jennifer Greenwood — Addictions and Mental Health
  • Jessica Grabowski — Here 24/7 Service Co-ordinator
  • Judith Rosenberg — Co-Founder, Spark of Brilliance; Distress Centre Guelph/Wellington/Dufferin
  • Julianna Murphy: Guelph Police Service – Community Liaison Officer
  • Julie Brown is a Psychotherapist and the Program Specialist for the Guelph Family Health Team
  • Katherine Johnson: Distress Centre Guelph/Wellington Dufferin
  • Katherine O’Brien: Evolve Nutrition – Conversation regarding good eating habits
  • Kyle Wicharuk: CMHA Waterloo-Wellington-Dufferin
  • Libby Pease — Life Coach — Effective Communication
  • Lorraine Johnston: Homewood Health Centre – Discussion on various prescription medications
  • Marion MacLean: Family Counselling & Support Services – Various services and Programs available from FC&SS
  • Mark Filo: Independent Financial Professional — Cash Flow and Debt Management
  • Marsaye Treen — Registered Psychotherapist — Finding employment for persons with disabilities
  • Mary Chrome: Hope House – Programs offered by Hope House
  • Meghan Shuebrook: Self-Help Alliance – Site Facilitator
  • Michelle Biffis: Distress Centre Guelph/Wellington/Dufferin – Programs at the Distress Centre
  • Michelle Pepper: Maxwelton Therapy Group – the Group Therapy Option
  • Mike Bawab: IDA Pharmacist
  • Nicole Fantin: Hospice Wellington – Art Therapy
  • Paul Reeve — Advocacy Co-ordinator, Guelph location, Self-Help-Alliance (now part of CMHA Waterloo-Wellington- Dufferin) — Healthy Boundaries, Paul is also a Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Peter Curtis — Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
  • Rachel Luther — Pharmacist with Centre Wellington Remedy RX — Questions about Prescription Drugs 
  • Robin Bender — Mega Health at Work — Mental Health and the Workplace
  • Robin Smart – Alzheimer’s Society – Dementia and Mood Disorders
  • Sarah Duff – Community Program Clinic Coordinator with The Family Health Team
  • Sarah Schlote – Registered Psychotherapist and Trauma and Attachment Specialist – Dealing with the Holidays
  • Tim Boulton: Grief Counsellor — Individual Adult and Youth Counsellor, Life Transitions Coach — Dealing with Grief and life’s Ups and Downs
  • Tim Tentcher — Mental Health Worker – “Mental Health for all”
  • Tracey Hagyard: Distress Centre Guelph/Wellington/Dufferin – Programs at the Distress Centre

* * *  For further information on any of the above speakers please contact us by phone (519-766-4477)  or email: * * *

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